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Passport departmant- Name register

    The collection contains 60 boxes of lists of people who requested or were issued passports for going abroad. The first passports were issued in 1879, a year after Montenegro was proclaimed independent at the Berlin Congress. The collection finished in 1915, during the First World War. Predominantly men asked for passports. However, there were women who were issued passports in order to join their families who were already abroad. Passport collections are often the only source of information about female migrations in nineteenth-century Montenegro. Entries generally contain concise information on women’s motivations for emigration and their intended destinations, for example: Simonović Ivanova Jagoda from Danilovgrad, travelling to America, requests to go to her husband Ivan with their sons Miro and Nikola (f.13, n. 1060); Ćupić Janica, from Zagarač, travelling to Austro-Hungary, request to have passport issued (f.9, n. 345); Marović Jokova Mara, from Brčeli, travelling to Egypt, will join her husband, daughter and son-in-law, who already live there (f.14, n. 1200).

    Original source name : Pasoško odjeljenje- Imenski registar
    English translation : Passport departmant- Name register
    Creator : Administration
    Document- type 1 : immigration papers
    Document- type 2 : passenger list
    Reference number : DACG MID 1879-1915; 1-60
    Language(s) : Montenegrin
    Geographical coverage : Montenegro
    Time range : 19th-20th c.
    Year(s) : 1879-1915
    Theme 1 : family
    Theme 2 : legal
    Archive name : Državni arhiv Crne Gore
    Archive name (English) : The State Archive of Montenegro
    Archive address : Novice Cerovića 2, 81259, Cetinje
    City : Cetinje
    Country : Montenegro
    Official website and institutional resources :
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