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Personal fonds of Björg C. Þorláksson (1874–1934)

    The fonds of Björg C. Þorláksson (1874–1934) contain personal items belonging to Björg. Björg was the first Icelandic woman to hold a doctoral degree, becoming the first woman from the Nordic countries to defend a doctoral thesis at the Sorbonne on 17 June 1926. She lived in Copenhagen and Paris and co-compiled a Danish-Icelandic dictionary with her husband Sigfús Blöndal. However, she was not credited as an author, and the couple divorced.

    Original source name : Björg C. Þorláksson (1874–1934)
    English translation : Personal fonds of Björg C. Þorláksson (1874–1934)
    Creator : personal fonds
    Document- type 2 : personal
    Reference number : KSS 158
    Language(s) : N/A
    Geographical coverage : Iceland
    Time range : 19th-20th c.
    Year(s) : 1897–1934
    Theme 1 : family
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    Archive name : Kvennasögusafn Íslands
    Archive name (English) : The Women's History Archives
    Archive address : Arngrímsgötu 3, 107 Reykjavík, Iceland
    City : Reykjavík
    Country : Iceland
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