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The Institute for Migration and Nationalities

    The Institute for Migration and Nationalities was formed in 1965 and operated until 1987, when it was integrated with the Center for Migration Research into the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies. The activities of the Institute were research of external migrations — economic and political emigration, and national minorities from the territory of Croatia and Yugoslavia, as well as collection, arrangement and preservation of archival material on these groups. The Institute also researched social, economic, legal and other issues related to migration and ethnicity. The records consist of questionnaires about workers on temporary or permanent work abroad. The questionnaires contain extensive data, from personal information regarding age, gender and place of departure from Yugoslavia to information on education, reasons for departure, conditions of stay abroad, leisure time, involvement in cultural, sports, trade unions or other organizations and the possibility of return. Of all the questionnaires, about 17% refer to women.

    Original source name : Zavod za migracije i narodnosti
    English translation : The Institute for Migration and Nationalities
    Creator : science
    Document- type 1 : immigration papers
    Document- type 2 : reports
    Reference number : HR-HDA-1610-8. Zavod za migracije i narodnosti, Ankete Zavoda za migracije i narodnosti/ The Institute for Migration and Nationalities, Questionnaires of the Institute for Migration and Nationalities (19 boxes of records)
    Language(s) : Croatian
    Geographical coverage : Yugoslavia, Croatia
    Time range : 20thc.
    Year(s) : 1966–1974
    Theme 1 : experience of migration
    Theme 2 : statistics
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    Archive name : Hrvatski državni arhiv
    Archive name (English) : Croatian State Archives
    Archive address : Trg Marka Marulića 21, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
    City : Zagreb
    Country : Croatia
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