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The Pavlin monastery in Garić

    In a document dated February 13, 1481, the departure of the widow Turbelt of Bršljanovac from the Kingdom of Slavonia to German regions is mentioned. The reason for leaving is not known, but we know that she left her valuables to hermits who stayed in the monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary under the Garić hill to keep them safe, these included a dress and a chalice encrusted with gems; a girl’s hair wreath decorated with gems; a coral rosary with a silver cross; and a belt decorated with gems.

    Original source name : Pavlinski samostan na Gariću
    English translation : The Pavlin monastery in Garić
    Creator : Religious institutions
    Document- type 1 : church records
    Reference number : HR-HDA-647
    Language(s) : Latin
    Geographical coverage : Croatia
    Time range : 15th c.
    Year(s) : 1481
    Theme 2 : legal
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    Archive name : Hrvatski državni arhiv
    Archive name (English) : Croatian State Archives
    Archive address : Trg Marka Marulića 21, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
    City : Zagreb
    Country : Croatia
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