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Vallekilde Folk High School. Events. Party. Nurse Betty Jacobsen 70 years

    This file contains a photograph of celebrations marking the 70th birthday of Elisabeth (Betty) Mariane Magdalene Jacobsen (1843–1925) and the 25th anniversary of her arrival to Vallekilde Folk High School to work as its school nurse. Born in the Faroe Islands, Betty Jacobsen was an alumni of Vallekilde, having successfully applied for economic assistance to attend the school in 1873. She was the first Faroese student to study at Vallekilde and one of many single Faroese women who emigrated to Denmark to advance their education and professional career. She returned again in 1888 to work as the school nurse for Vallekilde and lived at her apartment at the school after her retirement. She died at Vallekilde at the age of 82. In the photograph, Betty Jacobsen is seated at centre in a wicker chair.

    Original source name : Vallekilde Højskole. Begivenheder. Fest. — Sygeplejeske Betty Jacobsen 70 år
    English translation : Vallekilde Folk High School. Events. Party. Nurse Betty Jacobsen 70 years
    Creator : N/A
    Document- type 2 : photograph
    Reference number : B12272
    Language(s) : N/A
    Geographical coverage : Denmark
    Time range : 20thc.
    Year(s) : 1913
    Theme 1 : education
    Theme 2 : work
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    Archive name : Odsherred Lokalarkiv
    Archive name (English) : Odsherred Local Archives
    Archive address : Vig Bibliotek, Ravnsbjergvej 23 A, 4560 Vig
    City : Vig
    Country : Denmark
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