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Vidzeme-Swedish Governor General Chancery

    A request was typically included in these passports addressed to « all those concerned » or « all civilians and military personnel. » It urged them to facilitate the recipient’s journey without delay and to provide assistance and protection if necessary, operating on the principle of laissez-passer. Among the women whose passports are preserved in this collection, some undertook short-term trips, while others emigrated for reasons such as arranged marriages or similar circumstances. Similar documents from this period and region can also be found in the Latvian State Historical Archives Funds LNA_LVVA_F554 (Archives of Dukes of Courland) and LNA_LVVA_F7349 (Vidzeme-Swedish Governor General Chancery).

    Original source name : Vidzemes zviedru ģenerālgubernatora kancelejas
    English translation : Vidzeme-Swedish Governor General Chancery
    Creator : Administration
    Document- type 1 : immigration papers
    Document- type 2 : identity documents
    Reference number : LNA_LVVA_7349
    Language(s) : German, Swedish
    Geographical coverage : Europe
    Time range : 16th-17th c.
    Year(s) : 16th-17th c.
    Theme 1 : Legal
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    Archive name : Latvijas Nacionālā arhīva Latvijas Valsts vēstures arhīvs
    Archive name (English) : Latvian State Historical Archive at National Archives of Latvia
    Archive address : Slokas Street 16, Riga, LV- 1048, Latvia
    City : Riga
    Country : Latvia
    Official website and institutional resources :
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