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ECOS Exiles, countering silence

    WG4 leader Sonia Ferreira invited WEMov’s Chair to present COST Action Women on the Move at the conference organized at the Paris City Hall on 18 October 2021.

    #ECOS is a transdisciplinary project that focuses on the memory of exile, desertion and resistance to the Portuguese colonial war. Funded by the Horizon Europe for Citizens Programme (Europe for Citizens Programme 609056-CITIZ-1-2019-1-PT-CITIZ-REMEM), it gathers three nations: Portugal, France and Denmark.

    In Paris, on 16 October 2021, an exhibition was organized at the Portuguese Consulate, displaying objects, videos, recording and pictures. Schools were invited to participate and their creations wereile showcased in the exhibition.

    The next day, a walking tour of the places of memory of exiled deserters in Paris took us around the 13th and 5th districts, even to a house to formerly hosted the exiled and which no longer exists, its house number having even been erased from the street.

    Finally, a one-day conference took place at the City Hall of Paris and gathered academic and public actors and associations in dialogue around the project.

    Congratulations to Sonia Ferreira!