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Ίδρυμα Φοίβου Σταυρίδη | Foivos Stavrides Foundation (Larnaca, Cyprus)

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    Collection title:  Αρχείο Περσεφόνης Παπαδοπούλου | Persefonis Papadopoulou Collection (Cyprus, Greece, France, 1900-1948)

    Description: This fond contains the letters and papers of Persefoni Papadopoulou (1889-1948), a pioneer teacher, scholar and feminist from Cyprus who studied, lived and worked in Paris, Athens and Patra (Greece).

    Archive address: 1 Zenon Kitieos, 6023, 

    Reference number: Α.Ε. 018, 144, 024

    Links: Visit the archive’s website HERE.

    Contributor: Anastasia Hamatsou