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Архив на ИЕФЕМ БАН (Институтът за етнология и фолклористика с Етнографски музей – БАН) | Archives of IEFSEM BAS (The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore with Ethnographic Museum – BAS) (Sofia, Bulgaria)

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    Collection: Теренни материали по темата « Българската емиграция във Великобритания » | Fieldwork materials on the topic “Bulgarian emigration in Great Britain” (United Kingdom: 2013)

    Description: The material includes personal stories of migrant women who migrated to the UK after 2001, engaged in low-skilled work. The settlement, the processes of integration and adaptation in the host society and the transnational ties with the homeland are traced.

    Archive address: Moskovska str. 6A, 1000 Sofia

    Reference number: No. 979-III

    Links: Access the official website of the IEFSEM BAS archives HERE.

    Contributors: Petko Hristov, Tatjana Šarić