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Държавна агенция архиви – Централен държавен архив София | Central State Archive – Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria)

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    Collection: Личен фонд на Чернаева, Недялка Феодорова (1908–1979) | Personal fond of Nedyalka Feodorova Chernaeva (1908–1979) (Bulgaria: 1957–1975)

    Description: This fond contains letters and illustrated cards exchanged between Tsetsa Sharankova and Nedyalka Chernaeva about Sharankova’s life in the USA as an emigrant, etc. There are original documents, copies and manuscripts.

    Archive address: Moskovska str. 5, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

    Reference number: Archive Unit № 400

    Links: Access the official website of the Central State Archive, Sofia HERE.

    Contributors: Petko Hristov, Tatjana Šarić