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Центральний державний архів вищих органів влади та управління України | Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Administration of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)

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    Collection: Русова Софія Федорівна (1856–1940) | Sofia Fedorivna Rusova (1856–1940) (Ukraine, Czech Republic: 1878–1940)

    Description: Sofia Rusova (née Lindfors) (1856–1940) was a Ukrainian pedagogue, author, women’s rights advocate, and political activist. In 1922 she moved to Prague and worked at the Mykhailo Drahomanov Ukrainian Pedagogical Institute. She was the founder of the National Council of Ukrainian Women in Prague. The collection contains 2 boxes and 58 files: 1905–1939 (29 files) and 1878–1940 (29 files). The first box spans 20 years of documents on official and public activities, as well as reports on the activities of the Ukrainian Women’s National Council, which was headed by Rusova. There are documents of the General Congress of the Union of Ukrainian Women and the International Women’s Congress, where Rusova was a delegate, as well as appeals of public organizations of Ukrainian emigrants abroad and correspondence with the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Kyiv, Shevchenko Scientific Society in Lviv, Ukrainian Pedagogical Institute of Social Sciences in Prague and Ukrainian Real Gymnasium in Rzhevnytsi. Manuscripts of memoirs, stories, lectures, and other works by Rusova, as well as her papers, can also be found in this first part. One can find Rusova’s personal memoir (1856–1925), reviews of works by other authors, translations into Ukrainian, personal documents and biographical information, as well as correspondence with various individuals. The second box is dated 1878–1940 and contains 29 files of handwritten and typewritten texts of Rusova’s works (monographs, articles, memoirs, memoirs) and personal documents (passport, questionnaires, diaries, letters).        

    Archive address: Solomianska St, 24, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

    Reference number: Фонд 3889

    Links: Visit the archive’s website and access the item online.

    Contributor: Marie Ruiz