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Центральний державний архів України у Києві (ЦДІАК України) | Central State Archive of Ukraine in Kyiv (Kyiv, Ukraine)

    Sample collection on women migrants at the Центральний державний архів громадських об’єднань України below

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    Collection title: Меїр Ґолда. Метричний запис про народження. | Meir Golda. Birth certificate (Ukraine, 1898)

    Description: This file contains the birth record of Meir Golda (née Golda Mabovich; 1898-1978), an Israeli stateswoman and a founding figure of the State of Israel. Born in Ukraine, she moved to Milwaukee in 1906 after the pogroms. In 1918, Golda, at the age of 20, became the youngest delegate to the Jewish Congress in Philadelphia. In 1921, she traveled to Palestine with her husband and sister, where she met future Israeli leaders such as Ben-Gurion, Katznelson, Shazar, and Remez. Golda played a pivotal role in the establishment of Israel in 1948 and served as the country’s first ambassador to the USSR in 1948. Elected to the Knesset in 1949, she held various ministerial positions, including Minister of Labor and Social Insurance. She adopted the surname Meir in 1956 on the advice of David Ben-Gurion. Appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in July 1956, she later became Israel’s Prime Minister on March 17, 1969.

    Archive address: Solomenskaya ulitsa, 24, Kyiv, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, 03110

    Reference number: ф. 1164, оп. 1, спр. 442, арк. 102 зв. – 103. 

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    Contributor: Igor Lyman