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Állambiztonsági Szolgálatok Történeti Levéltára (ÁBTL) | Historical Archives of the State Security Services (Budapest, Hungary)

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    Collection: Hálózati, operatív és vizsgálati dokumentumok, Bt-dossziék | Network, Operative and Examination Documents, Bt Files (Hungary, worldwide: 1945–1990)

    Description: The unit contains the files of informants and associates of the State Security Service and brief descriptions of their activities. Among them are women who worked for the Service and lived in other countries because of their work. Some of them emigrated from Hungary after they stopped working in this branch.

    Archive address: Budapest, Eötvös u. 7, 1067, Hungary

    Reference number: 3.2.1. Bt-dossziék

    Links: Visit the archive’s official website HERE.

    Contributor: Tatjana Šarić