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Archives Nationales du Monde du Travail | National Archives of the World of Labour (Roubaix, France)

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    Collection: Étude sur les femmes issues de l’immigration: fiche de présentation, dossier de subventions, correspondance, rapports | Study on women immigrants: presentation sheet, subvention file, correspondeance, reports (France: 1981-–1983)

    Description: Culture and Freedom (Culture et liberté) is an association created in 1970 from the merger of two popular education organisations: the Movement for Workers’’ Liberation (Mouvement de libération ouvrière (MLO)), created in 1952, and the Center for Workers’’ Culture (Centre de culture ouvrière (CCO)), created in 1951. The aim set for the movement is to contribute to the cultural development of the world of work in all its aspects, including: personal, economic, social, scientific, artistic and, civic, etc. The Culture and Freedom association is spread throughout France, with about twenty autonomous departmental associations that carry out activities in accordance with the jointly defined policy. Culture et Liberté is an association spread throughout France which federates about twenty departmental associations. Each departmental association is autonomous and responsible for its own activities, in accordance with the policy defined jointly. This collection entered the archive in 1997 by way of deposit under the entry number 1997 009. It came directly from the premises of Culture and Freedom from the Pas-de Calais region. It was then completed by a second deposit in 1999 (under the same entry number). The concept of “ »migrant workers” » in this study includes women working in a country of which they are not nationals. The most documented cases in the collections held at the Archives Nationales du Monde du Travail feature foreigners who have worked in France.

    Archive address: 78, Boulevard du Général-Leclerc – CS 80405 – 59057 ROUBAIX Cedex 1

    Reference number: 1997 037 058

    Links: Access the archive’s website HERE and  a Pdf guide HERE  as well as the collection search HERE.

    Contributor: Marie Ruiz