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Archivio di deposito e storico, Università degli Studi di Firenze | Deposit and Historical Archives, University of Florence (Florence, Italy)

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    Collection: Cancelleria degli Studi Affari Spediti | Sent documents of matters related to studies (Italy: 1866–1868)

    Description: Recommendation letters and medical school documents of Sarah Parker Remond (b. 1826 in Salem, Massachusetts, d. 1894 in Rome, Italy). She was the first Black American woman to study medicine at the Santa Maria Nuova hospital school, where she graduated as an obstetrician in 1868. Prior to moving to Italy, she toured in the United States together with such abolitionists and women’s rights activists as Susan B. Anthony, campaigning for the abolition of slavery. She then moved to London, where she continued to speak against slavery. She lived with the radical activists Clementia and Peter Taylor, MP, at their Aubrey House. She participated in the Italian unification movement by organizing fundraising bazaars and she befriended such leaders of the movement as Giuseppe Mazzini and Giuseppe Garibaldi. In London, she studied at the Bedford Ladies’ College. After the Civil War, she moved to Italy. She married an Italian, Lazzaro Pintor, thus actualizing her family’s political vision of cross-racial marriage.

    Archive address: Via Cittazella 7, 50144 Florence, Italy

    Reference number: N/A

    Links: Access the archive’s website HERE.

    Publications: Salenius, Sirpa. An Abolitionist Abroad: Sarah Parker Remond in Cosmopolitan Europe. University of Massachusetts Press, 2016.

    Contributor: Sirpa Salenius 

    Sarah Parker Remond. 8.5 cm x 5.2 cm; approximate size of mount (visible in large image): 22.8 cm x 7.5 cm. From Portraits of American Abolitionists (a collection of images of individuals representing a broad spectrum of viewpoints in the slavery debate). Photo. 81.448