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Archivo Histórico de la Biblioteca Universidad de Cantabria | Historical Archive of the University of Cantabria Library (Santander, Spain)

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    Collection title: Fondo Pérez y Cía | Fonds Pérez § Co. (Spain – Latin America, 1900 – 1960)

    Description: Pérez y Cía » is the name under which various shipping companies operated. This collection contains embarkation ticket booklets from Compañía Trasatlántica, documenting passenger lists for those traveling from Santander to America between 1900 and 1960. All ticket booklets have been digitized and are accessible online. To locate passengers, you can use the Traveler Database, created by transcribing over 45,000 names from the embarkation books of the Spanish transatlantic company. This database allows searching by name, surname, destination, ship, and departure date.

    Archive address: Avda. de los Castros,s/n – 39005 Santander, Cantabria, Spain

    Reference number: Fondo Pérez y Cía

    Links: Visit the archive’s websiteaccess the catalogue HERE and the collection HERE.

    Contributor: Joana Maria Pujadas Mora