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Archiwum Narodowe w Krakowie | National Archives in Kraków (Kraków, Poland)

    Sample collection on women migrants at the National Archives in Kraków below

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    Collection title: Protocolla causarum criminalium officii consularis Cracoviensis | Reports of criminal cases at the council office in Kraków (Poland: 1500s–1800s)

    Description: Reports of criminal cases and interrogations of the accused in the court of the city council in Kraków. Women account for roughly 20% of cases, most of whom are peasant immigrant women to Kraków with rural origins, including servants, married women and widows.

    Archive address: The National Archives in Krakow, 16 Sienna Street, 30-960 Krakow

    Reference number: 29/33/0/1.4.11 (36 units/boxes)

    Links: The catalogue is available from the National Archives in Kraków.

    Publications: Wyżga, Mateusz, “Peasant immigrants in the city of Cracow in the 16th-17th centuries in the light of criminal records,” Historickâ demografie (2019) 43.1: 47–65.

    Contributor: Mateusz Wyżga