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Archiwum Państwowe w Kielcach | State Archives in Kielce (Poland, Kielce)

    Sample collection on women migrants at Archiwum Państwowe w Kielcach State Archives in Kielce (Poland, Kielce)

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    Collection: Emigracja kontynentalna. Listy imienne | Continental emigration, Names lists (Poland, Germany, France, 1926)

    Description: Lists of the names of emigrant of both sexes, who migrated from Poland to Germany, and France. A few hundres of names with place of origin (1926). 

    Archive address: Ul. Janusza Kusocińskiego 57, 25-045 Kielce

    Reference number: 21/100/0/10.2/9046

    Links: Visit the State Archives in Kielce. Access the catalogue HERE and a complete description HERE  

    Contributor: Mateusz Wyżga