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Arhiv Tuzlanskog kantona | Archive of Tuzla Canton (Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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    Collection: Ured za povratak prognanih Tuzlanskog kantona (1994–2004) | Office for the Return of Displaced Persons from Tuzla Canton (1994–2004) (Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1994–2004)

    Description: This fond contains documents regarding the work of the Office on the return of persons displaced due to the war in the 1990s. Among them were many women.

    Archive address:  Archive of Tuzla Canton, Franje Ledera, 75000 Tuzla

    Reference number: BiH-ATKT/UZPTK

    Links: Visit the official website of the Archive of Tuzla Canton.

    Contributor: Tatjana Šarić