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    Collection: Pamiętnik rysunkowy: Życie młodey dziewczyny | An art diary: The life of a young girl (Ukraine, Poland: 1839–1853)

    Description: The childhood art diary of Celina Dominikowska (1831?–1910), with pen and watercolour sketches of her life from 1839 to 1853 in Łonie, near Lviv, Ukraine. Dominikowska, born Treter, was an estate owner and supporter of the January Uprising in 1863–1864. Her artistic talents led to her selection as a participant in the 1867 Paris International and the 1873 Austrian International Exposition. When not travelling to exhibit her work, she lived with her husband in Orelec, Poland, and later Krosno and Dubiecko, but she also kept apartments in Lviv.

    Archive address: Aleja Niepodległości 213, 02-086 Warsaw

    Reference number: Ref no. AFRys.15/I

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    Contributor: Mateusz Wyżga