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BME Leveltar | Archive of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Budapest, Hungary)

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    Collection title: HU BMEL XIV.411.76 Pécsi Eszter | EN BMEL XIV.411.76 Eszter Pécsi (Hungary, 1918-1920)

    Description: This collection focuses on Pecsi Eszter and contains photographs and other materials. Eszter Pécsi (March 8, 1898 – May 4, 1975) was the first female Hungarian architect and a structural engineer. She studied in Berlin and designed iconic buildings in Hungary, Austria, and America.

    Archive address: 1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rkp. 3. földszint 19, Hungary

    Reference number: HU BMEL XIV.411.76

    Links: Visit the archive’s website and access the catalogue HERE and the collection HERE.

    Contributor: Maria Bostenaru