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Centre for the Study of World Christianity, University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, UK)

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    Collection title: Papers of George William Clarke (Scotland, China: 1875-1969)

    Description: George William Clarke, China Inland Mission missionary to China, was born on May 30 1849 in Shoreditch, East London. One of five children he began working full-time in a factory when he was nine years old. In his teens he attended a night school run by Annie Macpherson, the promoter of child migration to Canada. When he was twenty-three he took charge of the first party of Macpherson boys being sent to Canada. In 1879, in Shanghai, he married Fanny Rossier (also referred to as Marta), a Swiss missionary. In 1886 he married Agnes Lancaster, who had gone to China in 1880 and had worked in T’ai-yuen in the province of Shansi. They had a son (John) but Agnes Clarke died in 1892 after giving birth to a daughter (also Agnes). Clarke died in Shantung province in 1919. Agnes, was a CIM missionary for forty-six years and worked in east Szechwan before retiring to the CIM home for retired members in Kent. The collection includes: published material (a book and pamphlets); diaries; and cuttings related to the Clarke family: 8 items.

    Archive address: Centre for the Study of World Christianity – School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh – New College, Mound Place – Edinburgh EH1 2LX – United Kingdom.

    Reference number: GB 3189 CSCNWW15

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    Contributor: Marie Ruiz