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Centro de Documentação e Investigação (CDI), Fundação Arpad Szenes e Maria Helena Vieira da Silva | Arpad Szenes and Maria Helena Vieira da Silva Foundation, Documentation and Research Centre (DRC) (Lisbon, Portugal)

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    Collection: Fundo documental | Documentary fund (Portugal and international: c. 1930–1990)

    Description: The personal and professional archive of artist Maria Helena Vieira da Silva (1908–1990) and her husband Árpád Szenes (1897–1985), donated by Vieira da Silva to the Foundation for use by researchers. Vieira da Silva moved from her birthplace of Lisbon in 1928 to study art in Paris, where she lived for most of her adult life and enjoyed a highly successful career as a painter. Her donated archive contains around 6,000 correspondence items with friends, family, artists, intellectuals and various museums and galleries, as well as approximately 500 images. The documentary fund also contains original manuscripts, interviews, material on television and radio programmes on their work, films, press articles and printed catalogues, monographs and editions.

    Archive address: Praça das Amoreiras, 56, 1250-020 Lisboa

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    Contributor: Katelin Parsons