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Centrum Dokumentacji Zsyłek, Wypędzeń i Przesiedleń Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego im. KEN w Krakowie | Center for Documentation of Deportations, Expulsions and Resettlement (Krakow, Poland)

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    Collection title: Relacje świadków historii | Reports of witnesses to history

    Description: The collection consists in video reports of witnesses to history, men and women, especially those who lived during forced migration to Russia, and afterwords, migration to Iran, England, USA, Canada. (Poland- worldwide, 20 century)

    Archive address: ul. Kozienicka 24, 30-397 Kraków, Poland  

    Reference number: N/A

    Links: Visit the archive’s website, and access the catalogue HERE.

    Contributor: Mateusz Wyżga