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Državni arhiv u Pazinu | State Archives in Pazin (Pazin, Croatia)

    Sample collection on women migrants at State Archives in Pazin below

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    Collection: Oblasni narodni odbor za Istru | Regional People’s Committee for Istria (Croatia: 1945–1947)

    Description: Among other documents, the fond contains documentation on persons who emigrated from Istria to Italy and other countries during the period of Italian rule, as well as correspondence with republican authorities on these issues. Women were also among the evicted persons.

    Archive address: Vladimira Nazora 3, 52 000 Pazin, Croatia

    Reference number: HR-DAPA-79 Oblasni narodni odbor za Istru

    Links: Access the official website of the State Archives in Pazin HERE.

    Contributor: Tatjana Šarić