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Državni arhiv u Splitu | State Archives in Split (Split, Croatia)

     Sample collection on women migrants at the State Archives in Split below

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    Collection: Jugoslavenski zbjeg u Egiptu | Yugoslav refugee camp in Egypt (Croatia, Egypt: 1944–1946)

    Description: The fond contains documentation of several departments of the Central Committee in El Shatt, Egypt, from World War II. The camp was home to refugees from Croatia, mostly women and children, so the fond contains information about them and the conditions of their stay in the camp. There are also documents on the work of the Anti-fascist Women’s Front organization, copies of their newspaper Žena zbjega (“Women Refugees”), and photographs of women in the refugee camp.

    Archive address: Ulica glagoljaša 18, 21000 Split, Croatia

    Reference number: HR-DAST-23

    Links: Visit the official website of the State Archives in Split.

    Publication: Bieber, Florian. 2020. “Building Yugoslavia in the Sand? Dalmatian Refugees in Egypt, 1944–1946.” Slavic Review 79 (2): 298–322.

    Contributor: Tatjana Šarić