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Expatriate Archive Centre (The Hague, The Netherlands)

     Sample collection on women migrants at the Expatriate Archive Centre (The Hague, The Netherlands) below

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    Collection: The Shell Ladies’ Project (International: 1928–2001)

    Description: The Shell Ladies’ Project was originally established to publish an anthology to give voice to the stories of Shell wives and their families posted on expatriate assignments. The Shell Ladies’ Project collection is curated material that was donated for the publication of the books Life on the Move (1993) and Life Now (1996). The collection consists of hundreds of handwritten stories and reminiscences from around the world in different languages, the earliest dated 1928, and the administrative papers related to the publishing and management of the project. The collection includes submissions not included in the book. The majority of submissions were in English, but the collection also contains materials in Dutch, Spanish, German, French and Arabic. A third anthology, The Source Book (2008), was published by the EAC in 2008. All of the materials can be found at the EAC.

    Archive address: Paramaribostraat 20, 2585 GN The Hague

    Reference number: N/A

    Links: Visit the archive’s website here.

    Publications: Life on the Move: Shell Ladies’ Project 1993 ([The Hague], Shell Ladies’ Project, 1993) (available online through the National Library of the Netherlands); The Source Book: An Expatriate Social History 1927–2007: Shell Lives Unshelved (The Hague: Summertime Publishing and Outpost Archive Centre, 2008) (available online through the National Library of the Netherlands)

    Contributors: Expatriate Archive Centre, and Katelin Parsons (WG1)