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Fondazione Paolo Cresci | Paolo Cresci Foundation 

    Sample collection on women migrants at the Fondazione Paolo Cresci below

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    Collection title: Italian emigration documents (Australia, Canada, Austria, 19th century)

    Description: This collection contains documents of Italian emigrant women, including the « spose per procura » (« brides by proxy ») initiative for women migrating to Australia and Canada. The archive holds different types of documents on women migrants who left from Italy. There are altogether 248 pages of letters, but no direct links to the items. As an example, this entry contains a reference to one letter from Anna Maria (whose arrival city was Wien, Austria) to Renata C. (this is the last entry on the page, Reference number: 7653).       

    Archive address: Cortile Carrara, 1 – 55100 Lucca  Italy

    Reference number: 7653

    Links: Visit the archive’s website and access the catalogue HERE.

    Contributor: Sirpa Salenius