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Historijski arhiv Sarajevo | Historical Archives of Sarajevo (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herze-govina)

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    Collection: Šnajder Dr Marcel i dr Šnajder-Popović Vera-Sarajevo | Dr. Marcel Šnajder and Dr. Vera Šnajder-Popović, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia: 1921–1986)

    Description: Vera Popović-Šnajder was the first Bosnian woman mathematician and the first woman dean in Yugoslavia. She lived in Sarajevo but spent three years in Paris in 1929–1932, mastering her knowledge of mathematics. In Paris, she published a paper under the name V. Popovitch-Schenider, which was the first maths paper written by a Bosnian person.

    Archive address: Alipašina 19, Sarajevo 71000, Bosna i Hercegovina

    Reference number: O-MVŠ-384

    Links: Visit the archive’s website HERE

    Contributor: Božena Miljić