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International Instituut voor sociale geschiedenis | International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

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    Collection title: Archief Mina Kruseman | Mina Kruseman Archive (The Netherlands: 1915–1922)

    Description: Wilhelmina or Mina Kruseman (1839–1922) was a feminist, author and singer. She lived in the Dutch East Indies for a long time, where she gave lectures to women. She later lived in Brussels and the USA and eventually moved to France, where she died. This fond consists of the manuscripts of La Milliardaire [The Billionaire] and her last novel, Mopje, with some correspondence about the publication of Mopje in 1922. There are also letters to Mrs. Van Veen (1917–1922) and a letter to Mrs. May Ulbricht-Sewalt (in connection with the International Congress of Women at The Hague) from 1915.

    Archive address: Cruquiusweg 31, 1019 AT, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Reference number: ARCH00760

    Links: Access the archive’s official website HERE.

    Contributor: Tatjana Šarić