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Kansallisarkiston Hämeenlinnan toimipaikka | The National Archives of Finland, Hämeenlinna Branch (Hämeenlinna, Finland)

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    Collection: Koko maan naisten siirtolaisuustilastot | Official statistics on women’s migration (Finland: 1961, 1967–1971)

    Description: Finland-wide statistics on women’s migration for 1961 and 1967–1971. May be accessed for research purposes with permission.

    Archive address: Aittatie 2, 13200 Hämeenlinna

    Reference number: FI/FI-HeNAF/K01BEn

    Links: Visit the National Archives of Finland’s official website. The access service of the National Archives (ASTIA) allows users to browse digitised materials, order documents for onsite use and make information requests using an online form.

    Publications: Publications using this primary source (including yours!). This can include links to online resources not directly created by the holding archive.

    Contributor: Katelin Parsons