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L-Arkivji Nazzonali ta’ Malta | National Archives of Malta (Rabat, Malta)

    Sample collection on women migrants at L-Arkivji Nazzonali ta’ Malta below

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    Collection title: Spiteri, Jane (Malta: 2012)

    Description: Mary Jane Spiteri, born in 1922 in Detroit of Maltese parents, migrated to Malta where she was a co-founder of the National Council of Women, a member of the Commission for the Advancement of Women and a member of the national Council for the Elderly and the Emigrants Commission as well as member of the National Order of Merit. Spiteri was employed as a Principal welfare officer and was pivotal in the setting up of the Social Services Department.

    Archive address: VCJ2+PHV, Triq l-Isptar, Rabat RBT 1043

    Reference number: MT NAM PHO-2-65      

    Links: Visit the archive’s website and access the collection HERE.

    Contributor: Mary Grace Vella