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Landesarchiv Berlin| Berlin State Archives (Berlin, Germany)

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    Collection: Bezirksverwaltung Kreuzberg | Kreuzberg District Council (Germany, Turkey: 1945–1994)

    Description: Since the construction of the Berlin wall, Kreuzberg became a peripheral district of Berlin (West). The stagnating economic and structural development led to a decline in population, decay and desertion in the area close to the border. However, the number of inhabitants increased due to refugees from the GDR and Berlin (East) and the immigration of guest workers and their families, mainly from Turkey. In this archival unit, we can find information on guest workers, including women.

    Archive address: Eichborndamm 115–121, D-13403 Berlin, Germany

    Reference number: B Rep. 206

    Links: Visit the archive’s official website.

    Contributor: Tatjana Šarić