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Les archives de l’État en Belgique, Archives générales du Royaume | National Archives of Belgium (Bruxelles, Belgium)

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    Collection title: Fonds Association pour la protection/promotion des mulâtres | Association for the Protection/Promotion of Mulattoes Fond (Belgium, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo: 1932–1988)

    Description: According to the catalogue of the National Archives of Belgium: “From the 1950s-1960s, the APPM was mainly responsible for providing legal and social assistance during placements and adoptions of mixed-race children in Belgium, producing nearly a thousand individual files in this framework.”These children came from Rwanda-Burundi and the Kivu region in Congo. This fonds contains: “944 individual files concerning the adoption of mestizos by Belgian families, containing correspondence, reports of visits to the foster families, documents related to the adoption of mestizo children, their follow-up, etc.; Documents concerning the administration and compatibility of the association (1932-1988).” Among the children, many girls are present and mothers mentioned.

    Archive address: Rue de Ruysbroeck 2, 1000 Bruxelles

    Reference number: BE AGR2 545 755

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    Contributor: Brigitte Le Normand