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Magyar Nemzeti Levéltár | Hungarian National Archives (Budapest, Hungary)

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    Collection: Lakosságnyilvántartási iratok| Civil registration documents (Hungary: 1852–1871)

    Description: The collection from the city council of Makó includes passport issuance records (1852–1861); documents on emigrants from Makó (1853–1854); records on foreigners (1852–1859); reports on the issuing of passports and servants’ books for foreigners, local residents and visitors; records of deportees (1855–1857) and a register of passports and servants’ books (1860–1881). Names of emigrants, deportees and foreigners were recorded, making it possible to identify women migrants in the collection.

    Archive address: Bécsikapu tér 5, 1014 Budapest, Hungary

    Reference number: HU-MNL-CsML-ML-V.41.l.

    Links: Visit the archive’s website HERE and access the online record HERE.

    Contributor:Tatjana Šarić