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Migrationsarchiv | Migration Archive (Salzburg, Austria)

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    Collection title: Sammlung Migrationstadt | Migration City Collection (Balkans, Mediterranean, Near-East: 2013 onwards)

    Description: This collection of interviews, photos and documents presents biographies of migrants, men and women, who live in Salzburg. In the interviews, the migrants describe their migration paths, living and working conditions, and talk about their families and daily life. The collection is a joint project with the University of Salzburg and is constantly updated.

    Archive address: Glockengasse 8, 5024 Salzburg

    Reference number: SE/MSA/01707/F/F 2/F 2 A     

    Links: Visit the archive’s website and access the collection HERE.

    Publication: Hahn, Sylvia, Verena Lorber and Andreas Praher (ed.). Migrationsstadt Salzburg. Arbeit, Alltag und Migration 1960–2010. Stadtgemeinde Salzburg, Salzburg 2018.

    Contributor: Maija Ojala-Fulwood