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Musée SACEM | Museum of the Society of Authors, Compositors, and Publishers (Neuilly Sur Seine, France)

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    Collection: Fonds d’archives Augusta Holmès | Augusta Holmès Archival Fonds (France: 1847–1903)

    Description: Eight archive items created by Augusta Holmès, including her letter of application for membership to SACEM. Augusta Mary Anne Holmès (born December 16, 1847, in Paris and died January 28, 1903, in the same city) was a French poet and composer of British, Irish and Danish origin, naturalized French in 1879.

    Archive address: 225 avenue Charles de Gaulle, 92528 Neuilly sur Seine

    Reference number: Sacem 3829

    Links: Visit the archive’s website and  the collection’s catalogue.

    Contributor: Bénédicte Miyamoto