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Narodni muzej Crne Gore | National Museum of Montenegro (Cetinje, Montenegro)

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    Collection: Fond Vladika Sava Petrović | Collection of Bishop Sava Petrović. Katarina Radonjić piše svojoj porodici i o kućnim stvarima | Katarina Radonjić writes to her family about family matters as well (Montenegro: 1758)

    Description: Letter from Katarina Radonjić to her family. Katarina Radonjić was the first Montenegrin female writer, who wrote the historiographical study ‘A Short Description of Zeta and Montenegro’ in Church Slavonic around 1774. She was a member of a well-known Montenegrin family who opposed the official rule of the bishops from the Petrović-Njegoš dynasty. However, because Montenegrin historiography neglected women throughout history, Katarina was only recently ‘discovered’. She got married to Russian colonel Stefan Šarović, originally from Podgorica, and they left Montenegro and moved to Trieste, Italy, where she died in 1800 and was buried.

    Archive address: Novice Cerovića bb, 81259, Cetinje, Montenegro 

    Reference number: no. 255 

    Links: Visit the archive’s website

    Contributor: Božena Miljić