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Országos Színháztörténeti Múzeum és Intézet| National Theatre History Museum and Institute (Budapest, Hungary)

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    Collection: Pogány Margit levele Major Tamásnak | Pogány Margit letter to Tamás Major (Hungary: 1957)

    Description: Margit Pogany (b. 15 November 1919, Hamburg, Germany – d. 9 May 1986, Budapest, Hungary) was a Hungarian actress born in Germany. This file contains a letter written on 27 August 1957 from Budapest to Tamás Major, a Hungarian actor and theatre director.

    Archive address: 1013, Budapest Krisztina körút 57

    Reference number: 2014.183.1

    Links: Visit the archive’s official website HERE.

    Contributors: Lívia ProsingerTatjana Šarić