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Red Star Line Museum (Antwerp, Belgium)

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    Collection title: Interview avec Sonia Pressmann Fuentes sur son histoire de la migration d’Allemagne vers les États-Unis | Interview with Sonia Pressmann Fuentes about her migration story from Germany to Belgium to the US (Belgium, Germany, US: 2010)

    Description: Oral history of Sonia Pressmann Fuentes (b. 1928), who fled to Antwerp, Belgium, with her family in 1933 to escape Nazi persecution due to their Polish Jewish heritage. Her family was set to be deported back to Germany: an order for deportation had already been served when the family escaped on the Red Star Line to the United States.

    Archive address: 3, Montevideostraat, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgien

    Reference number: RSL.2010.042.002

    Links: Link to clip from interview HERE.

    Contributor: Lotte Pelckmans