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St John’s College Library, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK)

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    Collection: The White Russian exiles (UK: undated, c. 1970s)

    Description: Typescript pen portraits (undated) by Sir Cecil Beaton (1904–1980) of several prominent exiles of the Russian Revolution, including ballerina Tamara Karsavina (1885-1978), author Moura Budberg (1892–1974) and renowned costumer Varvara Karinska (1886–1983). Beaton worked closely with Karinska (best known as Barbara Karinska) in his work as a costume designer for films and theatre, and the Papers of Sir Cecil Beaton in St John’s College Library also includes correspondence between the Beaton and Karinska on their collaborations.

    Archive address: St John’s Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TP, England, United Kingdom

    Reference number: St John’s College Library, Papers of Sir Cecil Beaton, GB/275/Beaton/D/2/1/153

    Links: Visit the archive’s special collection catalogue HERE and access the collection’s description HERE.

    Contributor: Katelin Parsons