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Staatsarchiv München | Munich State Archives (Munich, Germany)

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    Collection: Beschlüsse der Vollversammlung vom 07.06.1994 | Resolutions of the General Assembly of 06/07/1994 (Germany: 1994–1997)

    Description: The unit contains, according to the Munich State Archives’ description, documentation of the General Assembly resolutions from 1994 about topics relating to immigration: policies on foreigners, the Foreigners’ Advisory Board and its employees; work permits for children of foreign workers who have moved to Germany; allocation of social housing to foreign women in women’s shelters; naturalization campaign; speedy processing of naturalization applications; coordination center for education against racism, xenophobia and violence at Munich schools.

    Archive address: Schönfeldstraße 3, 80539, Munich, Germany

    Reference number: DE-1992-AUSB-0014

    Links: Access the official website of the Munich State Archives HERE and the online catalogue HERE 

    Contributor:Tatjana Šarić