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University of St Andrews Library (St Andrews, Scotland)

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    Collection title: Papers of Lady Edith Haden Guest (UK: 1721-1970s)

    Description: Lady Edith Haden Guest (1900-1977) wrote mainly under her maiden name, Edith Macqueen. Her academic studies were most eminent in the fields of parliamentary history (producing the Scottish entries for the History of Parliament project), and Scottish emigration. The papers comprise voluminous notes, indices and drafts relating to the History of Parliament, 1754-1790, American history particularly Scottish emingration and miscellaneous notes together with deeds of Hitchcocks, Little Saling, Essex, 1721-1827.

    Archive address: University of St Andrews Library, North St, St Andrews KY16 9TR, UK

    Reference number: General reference: GB 227 ms37284-37322 in particular: ms37315 Emigration (American) (1 file drawer) – ms37318 Scotland conditions: emigration (1 file drawer) – ms37320 Emigration lists, Brunswick North Carolina port book (1 box file)

    Links: The catalogue is available from the University of St Andrews Special Collections and details here.

    Contributor: Marie Ruiz