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Arrivals, departure, net migration

    Dataset title (English) : Arrivals, departure, net migration
    Official website :[0]=Topics%2C1%7CPopulation%20and%20employment%23B%23%7CPopulation%20movement%23B3%23&pg=0&fc=Topics&lc=en&df[ds]=ds-release&df[id]=DF_B2400&df[ag]=LU1&df[vs]=1.0&pd=1967%2C2022&dq=A.S03.M02%2BM01%2BM03.&ly[rw]=SPECIFICATION&ly[rs]=POP_MOVEMENT&ly[cl]=TIME_PERIOD
    Providing institution (English) : The Statistics Portal-LUSTAT
    Providing institution (original language) : Le Portail des Statistiques
    Language(s) : French, English
    Category 1 : in-coming migration (number)
    Keywords : migration, immigration, emigration, net migration, population, citizenship, demography
    Geographical coverage : The Grand Duchy of Luxemburg
    Year(s) : 1967-2022
    Time range : XX-XXI
    Unit of measurement : number of persons
    Access type : open
    Source type : database downloadable
    Downloaded dataset :

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