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Section for Talent: Portraits of Alexandra Yingst and Stellamarina Donato

    This section is reserved for presentations of WEMov’s Early Career Investigators (ECIs). For this second newsletter, we are featuring our colleagues co-gender equality advisors Alexandra Yingst and Stellamarina Donato (also part of the Sub-WG exhibition).

    Alexandra Yingst is a PhD student in Global Studies at the University of Iceland. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Philosophy in Global Studies, Sociology, and International and Area Studies from the University of Pittsburgh in 2016, she received a Fulbright Grant to study in Iceland. She moved to Ísafjörður, Iceland to take part in the Coastal and Marine Management Master’s Program at the University Centre of the Westfjords. Her research was about women involved in Icelandic fisheries, from Icelandic women working at sea to migrant women working in Icelandic fish processing plants. Following her Master’s degree, she worked as an anthropology lecturer and expedition guide on expedition cruise ships. The unique society of crew members that exists onboard cruise ships aligned with her research interests in gender and migration, and she decided to go back to school to pursue research on it. She began her PhD in 2019 to explore how gender and nationality affect the experiences of crew members onboard cruise ships. She is also studying how COVID-19 impacted cruise ship crew both onboard and in their home countries.   

    Additionally, Alexandra is the co-gender balance advisor for the Women on the Move COST Action, along with Stellamarina Donato. They are also currently working together on a co-edited volume titled Unknown stories of intermediaries in women’s migration: men, women and non-binary people. Alexandra also taught a summer course called “Women and the Sea” at the University of Iceland in the summer of 2021 and worked as a boat driver and field assistant for the Icelandic Orca Project.   


    List of Publications:   

    Yingst, A. (2021). [Review of the book Icebound: shipwrecked at the edge of the world, by Andrea Pitzer]. Polar Journal, ahead of print, 1-2.   

    Yingst, A. (2020, May 20). ‘I Really Need to Go Home’: The Cruise Ship Employees Still Stuck at Sea. Vice.   

    Yingst, A., Skaptadóttir, U.D. (2018). Gendered labor in the Icelandic fish processing industry. Maritime Studies 17, 125–132.   

    Seemann, J., Yingst, A, Stuart-Smith, R.D., Edgar, G.J., Altieri, A.H. (2018). The importance of sponges and mangroves in supporting fish communities on degraded coral reefs in Caribbean Panama. PeerJ 6:e4455.  

    Stellamarina Donato is a Ph.D. candidate in « Development and well-being of both the individual and the organizations » at LUMSA University of Rome, Italy.  Her research interests encompass EU policies focusing on migration and populism and gender and policies focusing on women’s rights and gender-based violence against women. She is currently finishing her Ph.D. that aims at shedding light on the development of the terms and policies adopted by the international community in fighting gender-based violence against women (GBVAW). From January 2020 to June 2020, she won a scholarship as Visiting Ph.D. researcher at the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR). From January 2018 to June 2018, she was a research intern at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences. She worked on a Project about Populism and attitudes toward the EU in Central Europe.   

    She obtained her Master’s degree in 2017 in International Relations from the University of Bologna, where she focused on EU-Mediterranean relations with a thesis entitled: « Migrants: a challenge for the EU and its labor market (Case Study: the EU and the MENA region). During her Master’s degree, she won two Erasmus scholarships to study and be trained in Slovenia (Ljubljana) and Spain (Gran Canaria). In October 2015, she graduated in Political Science from the University of Naples with the thesis: « The Western Sahara issue: the role of regional and international organizations (1956- 2015) ». In 2014 she won an Erasmus scholarship to study at the University of Alicante (Spain) for a semester.  

    List of publications:  

    Donato, S. (2021). La violencia de género contra las mujeres: un fenómeno global en tiempos de pandemia. Los casos de Italia y España. Cultura Latinoamericana, 33(1), 226-249. DOI:  

    Donato, S. (2020). Gender-based violence against women in couple and intimate relationships. The case of Spain and Italy during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Italian Sociological Review, 10 (3S), 869-88  

    Donato, S. (2020). We, the European Union. Together but… far Apart. Culture e Studi del Sociale, 5(1), Special issue, 287-299.  

    S. Donato (2020), « I documenti internazionali e gli ordinamenti nazionali sulla violenza contro le donne: evoluzione e analisi comparata tra Spagna e Italia », in CNDSS 2019, Atti della IV Conferenza Nazionale delle Dottorande e dei Dottorandi in Scienze Sociali.  Sapienza Università Editrice  

    Corradi, C., & Donato, S. (2019). Prevención y lucha contra la violencia de género en México e Italia: semántica de las leyes y desarrollo de las políticas en un análisis comparado.. Cultura Latinoamericana, 29(1), 110-136.    

    Donato, S. (2019). The evolution of the International Documents in Fighting Violence Against Women. In: L.Picarella & G.Truda (eds.), Social Systems, Cultures and Development: Fundamental Rights, Gender, Inequalities. (p.23-49). Salerno: Gutenberg Edizioni.  

    Donato, S. (2019). Ruspini, E., Bonifacio, G.T. & Corradi, C. (eds.), Women and Religion: Contemporary and future challenges in the Global Era, Bristol, Policy Press, 2018, pp. X+242. Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge-JMK, 4(1), 105-108.  

    Donato, S.& Lovec, M. (2019). « Poor » students or poor students? Institutional quality and economic change as driversof populism in CEE in a longitudinal perspective. In: Ana Bojinović Fenko, Jure Požgan, Marko Lovec, Stellamarina Donato, Živa Broder. (a cura di) Marko Lovec, Populism and attitudes towards the EU in Central Europe. Ljubljana:Faculty of Social Sciences, 2019. – (Book series Politika), p.13 - 40 , art. no. 1 , ISBN: 978-961-235-873-0.  

    Donato, S. (2018). Migration and Integration policies on social and labor market standpoints inside the European Union. In ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge (Ed.), Working Papers Series, Vol. 2018, 2 (17-48). Fisciano: ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge.