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Section for Talent: Portraits of Božena Miljić and Pauliina Räsänen

    This section is reserved for presentations of WEMov’s Early Career Investigators (ECIs). For newsletter #6, we are featuring two young colleagues that recently joined WEMov: Božena Miljić from WG1, and WG2 member Pauliina Räsänen.

    Božena Miljić is a contemporary historian, dealing predominantly with cultural history of socialist Yugoslavia and Montenegro in the second half of the 20th century. She expects to defend her PhD thesis entitled ‘Montenegro. A contemporary history through the lens of Popular Music, 1980-2021’ in November 2022 at De Montfort University in Leicester, United Kingdom. She graduated in 2013 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, Serbia, where she also defended her Master’s thesis in 2015. Since 2019, Božena has been working as a senior researcher at Historical Institute of Montenegro, and before that she was a curator at the Historical Museum of Montenegro (2015-2019). From February to August 2017, she was a participant in the ‘’Science for Diplomacy. DIPLOMAzia’’ project for cultural heritage studies, organized by the Italian ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale) and Italian National Council for Research (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) in Rome.  

    In 2021 she edited and published diaries of the Montenegrin and Yugoslav politician, diplomat and WW2 hero Veljko Vlahović, which he wrote during the Belgrade conference in 1961- the first conference of the Non-Aligned Movement. She found those diaries while curating an exhibition Na strani pravde i slobode-legat Veljka Vlahovića (« On the side of justice and freedom – the legacy of Veljko Vlahović ») at the Historical Museum of Montenegro.  Currently, she is interested in researching women fighters during the WW2 from Montenegro, and is exploring their memories, the ways they were organized before and during the war, as well as the roles those women had in the post-war Montenegro. She started this research while she was engaged as a Local Consultant to Analyse Historical Impact of Women on the Development in Montenegro (2021-2022), UNDP Gender program in Montenegro.  


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    Pauliina Räsänen is a performer and culture historian specialised in the history of female artists in the field of circus and magic arts. She is currently reading for a PhD research at the Doctoral Programme in History, Culture and Arts Studies (Juno), University of Turku, Finland. She also holds an MA in culture history from the University of Turku (2018), and she is a graduate from the elite circus school École Nationale de Cirque in Montreal. Her dissertation focuses on the agency of touring female performers in magic shows as transcultural actors in Northern Europe in 1880–1890. Pauliina Räsänen has written several biographical articles about circus performers into the National Biography of Finland. She combines both historical research and circus arts in her multidisciplinary approach of the projects. For example, she has directed a performance lecture within BESTROM-project: Ballerina in the circus – with Romani troupes in the entertainment societies (2021), and a vintage magic show called Spiritism Amusante (2019-) based on the repertoire of female magician Pauline Schmidt (1865-1944) within Seekers of the New: Esotericism and religious transformation in Finland during the era of modernisation, 1880-1940. Her work has been supported by Finnish Culture Fund, TOP-foundation and the Turku University Foundation. 

    Pauliina Räsänen, PhD researcher, University of Turku, Finland 

    List of recent publications

    Esoteerinen Turku: Naistaikurit Turussa. Article. Sammakko 2020.  

    Laura Fransiska Elvira Bono. Biografical article, National Biography of Finland 2019. 

    Anna Kristiina Anthonius. Biografical article, National Biography of Finland 2019. 

    Edward Hyyppä. Biografical article, National Biography of Finland 2019. 

    Maria & Ben, Maria ja Pentti Heinonen. Biografical article, National Biography of Finland 2019. 

    Luisita Leers Power Trapeze Artist Career Ends Due to WW2. Article, Diverging Fates, Travelling Circus People in Europe Under National Socialism 2018.

    Rodion Nikitins. A Circus Artist’s Journey as an Entertainer through Soviet and National Socialist Occupation. Article, Diverging Fates, Travelling Circus People in Europe Under National Socialism 2018. ​