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Elaine Moriarty

WG4 - Sub-WG Exhibition

Elaine Moriarty is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, School of Social Science and Philosophy, Trinity College Dublin. Elaine’s teaching and research interests include mobility and migration, race and ethnicity, employment and labour markets, qualitative longitudinal research methods, gender and identity. She has a lifelong interest in Irishness, diaspora, migration and identity. Her PhD specifically looked at Ireland and Race: Ideas, Intellectuals and Identities. This unpacked the historical and contemporary construction of Irish identity with specific reference to diaspora and globalisation. It also scrutinised the contributions of prominent women (President Mary Robinson and President Mary McAleese) in reimagining Irish identity as fluid and inclusive, not bound by the territory of the island of Ireland.

Elaine is currently conducting research on ‘Graduate Careers and Social Mobility’ which examines the resources (economic and symbolic) that young migrants need or use in order to achieve their career aspirations, ‘Deskilling among EU migrants in Dublin’ which focuses on the underemployment of EU nationals living and working in the Dublin  and ‘Mixed Race Identity’ which documents the self identification of mixed race people in Dublin and the strategy to achieveethnic identity recognition. Her previous research includes ‘New forms of mobility and the Portability of Social Protections in Europe’, ‘Careers, Conjunctures and Consequences – the implications of Polish migration to Ireland for contemporary Irish emigration’, a follow up to the ‘Migrant Careers and Aspirations’ project, a three year study of Polish migrants in the Irish labour market.

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