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Inta Mieriņa


Dr. Inta Mierina is the Director of The Center for Migration and Diaspora Research and Associate Professor at the University of Latvia Faculty of Social Sciences. She has directed several research grants on migration, including the ESF research grant “The Emigrant Communities of Latvia,” in which 14,068 Latvian emigrants were surveyed in 118 countries. She has been involved in a number of international comparative studies concerning migrants, mostly their civic and political participation, working careers, inequality, and well-being. She is the country coordinator of the European Values Study (EVS) in Latvia. Mierina has been a visiting researcher at academic institutions in Germany, Denmark, Poland, and the U.S. – at the University of Washington as a Fulbright research fellow (2015), as well as at the University of Yale as Juris Padegs Post-doctoral fellow (2016). Her publications have appeared in Social Science Research, The Sociological Review, European Societies, Europe-Asia Studies, and other journals.

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