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Lívia Prosinger

Science Communication Coordinator - Co-WG2 Leader

Lívia Prosinger is a historian of memory and heritage preservation, and the Senior Secretary of the Institute of Political History which holds the largest collection on the history of the labour movement in Hungary. As the Secretary of the Institute, she works with experts of different research fields (historians, sociologists, economists, political scientists, journalists, etc.), manages various events (conferences, book launchings, workshops, roundtables, film screenings, exhibitions) and she is involved with a wide range of communication activities in various capacity (webpages, newsletters, videos and social media campaigns).

She is the Project Assistant of the ERC Consolidator Grant 772264 NEPOSTRANS project, a comparative analysis of local transitions from the Habsburg Empire to the successor states.

She spends her free time acting as a historical re-enactor of the 15th-20th centuries’ everyday life in historical festivals and museums. As the Vice-President of the Mare Temporis Non-Profit Foundation, she has active professional relationships with museums, castles and historical collections.

Visit Lívia Prosinger’s institution’s website, as well as her institutional webpage, and the Mare Temporis foundation Facebook page.

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