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Victoria Konstantinova


Victoria Konstantinova is Doctor of Historical Sciences and Professor at Berdyansk State Pedagogical University, Ukraine. The Director of the Research Institute of Urban History, her research interests include Urban History, Regional History, Oral History, Internacionalization of Education, History of Education, Gender Studies, Maritime History, Historiography, and Archeography.

She is the author of more than 870 research works, including 23 books, such as Urbanization: Southern Ukrainian Dimension (1861-1904); Peasants and a city: the phenomenon of urbanization processes in perception of peasant tradition (materials of historical and archaeographical expeditions in Northern Pryazovia; European Vector of the Northern Azov in the Imperial Period: British Consular Reports about Italian Shipping; The Ukrainian South as Viewed by Consuls of the British Empire (Nineteenth – Early Twentieth Centuries). Volume 1: British Consuls in the Port City of Berdyansk; German Consuls in the Northern Azov Region; The Greek Community and Consuls of Greece in Berdyansk of the Nineteenth – early Twentieth Centuries.

Her books and articles have been published in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish and Greek languages in Ukraine, Great Britain, Russia, Romania, Spain, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Mexico. She has presented her research at 80 conferences and congresses in Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Belarus, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Mexico, Spain, Austria, Germany, Turkey and Greece. She is a member of the International Association for the Humanities, and of the editorial board of the e-journal of urban studies City: History, Culture, Society.

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